The Digital Workplace: How to Drive Deep Employee Engagement with the Right Tools & Technologies

By now, you should have stepped up your communications strategy game. Digital innovations have enabled new work methods by eliminating mundane tasks through automation and created practices to develop two-way communications with all your workers no matter their location or role. To fully shift toward the digital workplace with employee engagement in mind, HR and Communications experts must be on a constant lookout for the changing technologies. In this session, we will discuss:

  • Leveraging intranets and internal collaboration tools to make work life simpler and more engaging for employers
  • Using social media as a method to attract employees’ attentions and keep them engaged
  • Understanding how AI and machine learning tools can help internal communications and HR professionals
  • Creating a mobile-first approach to employee communications
  • Empowering frontline workers and deskless workforces through digital enablement
  • Katie Liston
    Head of Marketing
  • Becky Graebe
    Senior Director, Communications Strategy
    Dynamic Signal