Taking a Stand in an Election Year: How to Speak Up Smartly on Social Issues

Employees, customers, stakeholders and the general public have come to expect leadership to step up and speak on issues ranging from corporate citizenship, social justice, workplace issues and pressing social and political topics. But doing so in a divisive election year can be a strategically delicate proposition. Join this closing, unvarnished talk to hear:

  • The socio-political landscape: Issues on everybody’s minds now — plus how to assess and act on them.
  • Authenticity and trust: Why, when and how to take the lead in social impact by speaking out on relevant issues.
  • Your changing role: Why public affairs is in an era of increased influence and integration with other departments, the recent rise of employees as your #1 stakeholder — and what to do about these changes.
  • What’s working: How others are “talking politics” or opining on issues with without stepping on landmines.
  • Being a strategic counselor: How to advise execs, leadership or members on speaking out this election year.
  • What CEOs really think: The truth from one of the nation’s leading social media (and social) platforms (who also instructs our next generation of public affairs leaders).
  • Jamie Hennigan
    Managing Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs
    The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
  • David Siegel
    Former CEO