Storytelling, Culture & Engagement in Times of Change

There was no handbook for employee communications in 2020. In this learn-as-we-go year, best practices gave way to innovation, flexibility and creativity. In this session, Kristin Graham (principal of culture & communications at Amazon) will lead an interactive conversation with the audience on how communicators have found additional ways of connecting in these extra digital times.

Topics include:

  • Employee-centered storytelling: Curated content and audience-specific outreach
  • Case study: Amazon’s pre-boarding of new employees virtually and upskilling people managers to look after the whole employee experience, not just output
  • Fun is a strategy: Rewards, recognition & gamification
  • Connected during COVID: Dynamic virtual events
  • Out of Office: Amazon’s efforts to support mental wellbeing, including their virtual event space, called Gather, which saw an 800% increase in activity since COVID.
  • Employees are getting 31% more emails since March—learn three tangible tips on how to get your messages to stand out in crowded inboxes.
  • Kristin Graham
    Culture and Employee Engagement Consultant
    Ragan Consulting Group