Stop measuring internal communications. Focus instead on employee activation

How many people read last week’s intranet article? Did you generate awareness about open enrollment? Has the CEO’s strategy video gone viral on Yammer yet? Wait. Who cares?! Measuring employee communications as though you’re a publisher selling advertising is a mug’s game. So stop counting clicks and refocus your energy on the observable behaviors that propel your business rather than generating nebulous non-outcomes like awareness.

Key Highlights:

  • Strategic planning—why it’s essential to meaningful measurement
  • Why the term “internal communications” is long overdue for retirement
  • Fundamental differences between performance and improvement metrics
  • Digital drivers challenging asymmetries of power between employers and employees—and how professional communicators must change their tune
  • Easy-to-implement, killer employee activation tactics for driving measurable improvements—and how to use your communications channels to drive recruitment outcomes
  • Ethan McCarty
    Integral Communications Group