Stay ‘one jump ahead’ of the competition through social listening and fan-centered content

Many communicators are focused on scoring a social media goal or touchdown for their organizations. Your followers can help you get there. Through social listening, audience-focused content and savvy interaction, you can regularly slam dunk online engagement and ROI. In this panel discussion, communications pros from teams and organizations representing the National Football League, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer will show you how they use what their fans are saying to create and drive social media content and excitement, along with takeaways for social media managers of all stripes.

You’ll learn:

What social listening can do for your organization—and how to do it effectively

Tips for measuring audience engagement, sentiment and feedback to inform your campaigns

Ways to create and share social media content your followers crave

How to encourage your audience to get involved in online storytelling efforts

How to connect traditional PR and marketing to your social media efforts

  • Thom Lytle
    Senior director of social business
  • Josh Margulies
    Director of marketing
    Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Melissa Marchionna
    Director of social media and content
    Major League Soccer
  • Ryan Delgado
    Manager of digital marketing
    Tampa Bay Rays