Standing Out in an Insane News Cycle: Tips from Hilton’s Content Lead on Human-Driven, Purpose-Led Storytelling and Content Creation

Storytelling is a crucial skill for communicators to hone as they seek to create content that resonates and stands out in our never-ending whirlwind, exhausting news cycle. To create the valuable content that breaks through and attracts attention and strengthens your brand, even during times of unprecedented crisis and change, turn to your organization’s purpose and rely on empathetic, human-centric messages that can inspire. Lou Dubois, Director of Global Editorial Content for Hilton, will share how his team creates and shares purpose-driven content that plays on audiences’ desires and behaviors, helping forge strong and lasting relationships that strengthen brand image and trust, even whilst travel has largely been put on hold amid the global pandemic.

You’ll learn: 

  • Ways to create visually interesting, fun and newsworthy content that stands out from the crowd
  • Takeaways for understanding your audience to build and maintain brand buzz
  • Leaning into a brand’s purpose-driven initiatives (and actions) as a storytelling pillar
  • Lou Dubois
    Director of content for global brand communications
    Hilton Worldwide