Jody Kohner

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Duration: 30 to 70 minutes

  • Salesforce, Head of the Employee Marketing & Engagement

    Jody Kohner is the vice president and head of the employee marketing & engagement team at Salesforce. Her work ranges from managing Salesforce's brand reputation and recruitment marketing initiatives to onboarding new hires and directing many programs that make employees love their jobs. Before this job, Jody spent more than three years leading competitive marketing at Salesforce. Before Salesforce, Jody worked for Robert Half International for 10 years, overseeing the development and management of a 3,000-user marketing automation system that spurred a 134% increase in sales leads. Jody is a mom to a hilarious six-year-old son and a crazy-ambitious three-year-old daughter. She lives with her family in Marin County.