Amy Coleman

Recordings of live presentations from our conferences, workshops or studio.
Duration: 30 to 70 minutes

  • Microsoft, General Manager of Human Resources and Corporate Functions

    Amy Coleman is the general manager of human resources and corporate functions at Microsoft, where she leads HR4HR and HR planning, in addition to HR support for corporate, external and legal affairs, finance, business development, CTO and the office of the CEO. These business groups span the globe and represent key and strategic work across multiple professions, markets, and geographies. Coleman supports Kathleen Hogan in her role as executive vice president of human resources. Coleman’s primary focus is building the capabilities of Microsoft’s HR function, with emphasis on the skills and experiences the company must provide to grow its HR talent. Coleman joined Microsoft as a Group HR Manager in 1997 holding various leadership roles across the company. In 2005, Coleman left Microsoft to become the HR director for Medio Systems, a local mobile search and advertising startup. In 2009, Amy returned to Microsoft and has held roles in areas such as compensation, mergers and acquisitions, and talent and performance management. In addition, she has held key HR leadership roles in engineering, sales and marketing, IT, finance, and operations.