Adele Revella

Recordings of live presentations from our conferences, workshops or studio.
Duration: 30 to 70 minutes

  • Adele Revella
    Buyer Persona Institute, Founder and Trainer

    Adele Revella has more than two decades of experience as a B2B marketing executive, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, consultant, blogger, and author of For Compelling Content, Let Your Buyers Be Your Guide and The Buyer Persona Manifesto. For 10 years, she traveled the globe, presenting "Effective Product Marketing," a two-day seminar that showed more than 5,000 marketers how to deliver outstanding content and marketing. For the company she founded in 2010, Buyer Persona Institute, Revella leads customized online, on-demand and on-site marketing workshops for marketers who seek the confidence to say: "This is what really matters to our buyers. Here's the plan." Follow her on Twitter @buyerpersona.