Social Media’s Next Wave: Mastering Micro-Platforms, Influencers and Short-form Video

No one social media site reigns supreme in this new world where organic reach has diminished and there’s a generational divide across platforms. Smaller networks like Twitch and Discord provide forums for specific, community-driven conversations and there’s the rise of micro-platforms like Nostr, Mastodon and Bluesky Social — plus the continued impact of Twitter and Meta as these macro platforms focus on hyper-targeting It’s all about finding your niche. In this session, we’ll uncover:

  • Your dual social media strategy: How to “go macro” with strategies for LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook – and adapt those strategies for micro audiences.
  • Exponential earned media: How hyper-targeted, bite-sized pitches coupled with an authentic social media voice can secure – and then amplify – mainstream coverage.
  • What’s working and what’s not in influencer marketing: How to identify and partner with micro-influencers to spread your message far and wide
  • The huge power of micro-video: How super-shorts (<30 seconds) can stop the scroll, explain UI elements in-app or entertain — plus tools like Biteable and Animoto for creating them.
  • What’s next: How to experiment with micro-platforms like Nostr, Mastodon and Bluesky Social.
  • Haley Correll
    Social Media Manager
    American Red Cross