Secrets to mobile-first social media efforts that can prove ‘You can fly!’

No matter your industry or organization, your audience is probably accessing your social media profiles and content with their smartphones and mobile devices. Mallorie Rosenbluth, senior manager of social media for Grubhub, delivers tasty content to the company’s more than 1.3 million Facebook fans and more than 242,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram—all with a focus on engagement and driving downloads and use of Grubhub’s app. You don’t need to have your own entry in Apple’s App Store or Google Play to harness the power of social media efforts catering to small screens. You’ll see the necessity of a mobile-focused social media strategy and gain essential takeaways to bolster your efforts.

You’ll learn:

How to select the proper channels for your messages—and tailor your content to match the platform

Ways to make your content—whether it’s text, images or videos—more responsive on mobile devices

Tips for using technology, tools and platform features to cater to native audiences

Secrets for offering your followers excellent experiences—and how that goes hand in hand with engagement

How to stick to your brand’s voice and messaging when building your social media community—while keeping business goals in mind

  • Mallorie Rosenbluth
    Senior manager of social media and influencer marketing