Secrets for building a world-class social media team

If you manage a social media team, you face a dizzying array of choices. Which channels should I operate, and at what cadence? Should I “square crop” my videos? What sentiment analysis tool should I choose? How can I demonstrate ROI? And crucially, how can I foster better engagement with my audience? Sid Shuman, PlayStation’s director of social media, will share key insights from his experience building some of the largest, most-engaged audiences in social media. You’ll learn where to focus—and what to ignore—when building a content team, along with many other takeaways to boost your online presence.

Key Highlights:

  • Where the conventional wisdom is wrong—and where it’s right
  • How to manage metrics before they manage you
  • Internal collaboration tips to maximize your team’s effectiveness
  • How to cultivate and refine your brand’s voice
  • The one thing you simply have to get right—at any cost
  • Sid Shuman
    Director of social media