Responding to the Crisis of Inauthenticity

Companies that stay silent on national conversations around remote work and employee wellness, racial inequity and environmental sustainability risk lasting reputational damage that impacts their company’s bottom line. But issuing an inauthentic, insincere, or hollow response to these conversations can be equally as damaging. In this session, we will discuss what it takes to launch purpose-driven initiatives that cut through the pretty words and hollow gestures to demonstrate authentic, actionable impact that resonates with stakeholders.

You’ll learn:

  • Tips for tying your purpose-driven initiatives to the bottom line, including executive compensation, to demonstrate accountability in action
  • Strategies for tapping into employee sentiment that nurture community and identify potential crises of purpose that lay in wait
  • How to communicate your CSR and DEI work in an authentic way that holds leadership accountable
  • How to encourage authentic messaging and thought leadership from your executives
  • Doug Duvall
    AVP, Corporate Communications
  • Megan Rokosh
    Global CMO
    Havas Health & You
  • Sukhi Sahni
    Senior Director, External Communications
    Capital One