Reinvent the Press Release Through Creative Content and Storytelling

PR pros are often tasked with the age-old challenge of gaining positive press for their organizations and clients—but in today’s oversaturated and busy news landscape, journalists are scrambling to get the scoop and earn click-thrus—and many organizations are publishing news themselves. Pitching compelling stories is a good step toward getting news coverage, but getting your storytelling efforts to stand out in a sea of content and other pitches requires you to think of new solutions and flex your creative muscles. Molly Mita, senior publicist for ESPN, will share how PR pros can create and help their audiences consume content in a more authentic way—and how doing so can ultimately grab headlines.

Key Highlights:

  • Why images and videos are crucial to grabbing attention—and how you can include them in your content and pitches
  • Ways to publish compelling content in your own voice via your newsroom or blog
  • Tips for creatively accomplishing PR initiatives and distributing messages
  • How to measure what resonates with readers—and how to let analytics and data inform future content efforts
  • How to get your employees involved in telling stories about your brand
  • Molly Mita
    Communications manager