Reaching the New Consumer Audience: Effectively Relay Brand News, Content and Information that Matters

Consumers are much more aware of their relationships with the organizations they patronize—and many aren’t shy about telling you what they’re looking for, what they want from your brand and where you fall short. This introspection has only increased as people struggle to find answers, information, entertainment and inspiration while they stay at home. In this session with Jorge Peschiera, Independent Creative Director and Designer; Adam Ilenich, Community Manager at Twitter; and Jeff Rubenstein, Xbox Senior Communications Manager for Microsoft, you’ll hear insights on how the media relations and digital media landscapes are shifting—and get a chance to ask questions to learn ways you can adjust to be more transparent, helpful and engaging.

You’ll learn:

  • How audiences (including Gen Z) are consuming content, news and information—along how to adjust your strategies
  • Ways you can increase transparency and trust through conversations and content during COVID-19
  • Tips for gathering and interpreting audience analytics, social listening and more to understand and cater to younger audiences
  • How branded content, information and news has changed shape across formats and channels to fit audience consumption behaviors
  • Ways to measure your efforts to assess if your strategies are effective
  • Jeff Rubenstein
    Xbox Senior Communications Manager
  • Adam Ilenich
    Community manager
  • Jorge Peschiera
    Independent Creative Director and Designer
    Formerly Netflix's "Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj"