PR’s Moment to Shine: How Communicators Responded in “The Year to Remember”

Consider this fast-paced panel moderated by APCO Worldwide’s Eliot Hoff your chance to exorcise the worst of 2020—and extract best practices. You’ll hear what communicators at top consumer brands learned from “The Year to Remember”—from handling the press and WFH employees amid crisis to leveling up your crisis response to rally teams and business in 2021.

You’ll discover:

  • How PR pros managed media relations amid Covid and social justice issues
  • Surprising channels that kept teams and stakeholders aligned
  • The convergence of value/purpose and crisis response—how  an organization’s
  • purpose is core to coming back stronger and making decisions in an authentic way
  • What crisis recovery means to team structure during an ongoing crisis like the  pandemic
  • What these brands are forecasting—and how they’re drafting recovery messaging now
  • Eliot Hoff
    Executive Director, Global Crisis Practice Lead
    APCO Worldwide
  • Amanda Minto
    Executive Director of Internal Communications for Technology, Product and Experience
  • Phil Caruso
    Issues Management Manager
  • Christian Bove
    Communications Lead, Media, PR and Crisis
  • Jenna Reck
    Director of communications
  • Jesse Lewin
    Director of field brand reputation