Presenting a Purposeful Employer Brand on Social

When several studies show that current and prospective employees are happiest at organizations with a strong, identifiable sense of purpose, it’s crucial that your employer brand reflects it. In this session, we’ll share strategies for infusing purpose into your recruitment content, employee storytelling and executive communications with inclusivity and authenticity at the center of it all.

We’ll explore:

  • How to partner with HR, marketing and other departments to infuse benefits, upskilling opportunities and other culture perks into your employer brand.
  • Tips for respectfully sourcing, sharing and celebrating inclusive employee stories from internal channels.
  • Strategies for walking the line between sharing aspirational corporate commitments and tangible, measurable successes.
  • New and innovative trends in employer branding including Alumni Networks and more.
  • Lisa Claybon
    Vice President of Communications
    Compass Group North America & Chartwells K12
  • Debra Helwig
    Senior Internal Communications Manager
    K·Coe Isom
  • Vanessa Sain-Dieguez
    Senior Director of Talent Attraction
  • Justin Joffe
    Manager, Strategic Programming
    Ragan Communications