Power Your Workplace with Insights: How BP’s ‘Continuous Listening’ Connects Leaders to the Employee Experience

Effective internal communications and employee engagement efforts require you to understand the members of your workforce and use these insights to home in on strategies that align with organizational goals and campaigns that best reach and motivate employees. Laura Hammett, Head of Employee Measurement and Insights at BP, will show you how the company’s “continuous listening” model helps measure change and track what’s resonating with employees—including the introduction of a new CEO, COVID-19, redundancies and other major workforce shifts. Shee’ll also highlight the important elements of employee insights and how you can use them to inform more effective strategies that help support your bottom line as well as the employee experience.

You’ll learn:

  • How employee insights can power both internal communications and HR strategies
  • Ways to effectively use employee listening and other feedback tools in ways that inform, not overwhelm
  • How to report trends and next steps to colleagues and the C-suite to affect meaningful change
  • Tips for establishing the proper narrative from the data you gather
  • Laura Hammett
    Head of Employee Measurement and Insights