Point/Counterpoint: Is Wellness a Standalone Department or Part of HR?

Workplace wellness exists at the confluence of several disciplines, including HR, benefits, training, comms and tech. But it evolved from HR department fitness programs. As the definition of workplace wellness expanded, it’s become a shared role and independent in some organizations. Listen in as two wellness pros discuss the future of wellness in an ideal organizational structure. You’ll learn:

  • How workplace well-being evolved into something distinct from HR, but still complementary
  • How the model of an independent DE&I department can serve as a model for a workplace wellness department
  • New models for collaborating across departments based on actual examples of working not just with HR, but also training and development, finance, rewards and more
  • Why well-being should encompass benefits, training, DE&I, finance, and more, and how to structure your organization in the way that fits your goals
  • Jeremy Segall
    Chief Wellness Officer
    NYC Health + Hospitals
  • Monique Harty
    Wellness Program Manager
    U-Haul International