Podcasters Sound Off: Strategies to Produce and Promote a Winning Show

Today’s podcast industry market is worth $24 billion—and still growing—but it’s not enough anymore to just plan and produce a branded podcast in this lucrative yet crowded space. This session explores how to integrate your marketing and even social media content teams to help craft compelling audio content on the regular—then promote the heck out of it and earn coverage. Join to hear:

  • Planning: How to conceptualize your podcast —from branding/naming it to episode planning, content calendars and audience targeting.
  • Production: Must-have tools, software and resources for efficient podcast production.
  • Creativity: Techniques to consistently craft engaging audio content that keeps your listeners coming back for more.
  • Social media: What others are doing to build buzz for their podcasts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), Pinterest and LinkedIn—and promotion on internal intranets
  • PR plays: What’s working to secure brand coverage on podcasts—including how to pitch, partner and promote for maximum awareness on mainstream media.
  • David Quiñones
    SVP of Editorial and Content