Perfect your brand’s voice across audiences, mediums and channels

Whether you’re tasked for building brand awareness for a new or smaller organization or you’re amplifying stories from one of the largest retailers in the world, having a consistent brand voice and tone is crucial to align your PR and marketing efforts, involve your organization’s stakeholders across departments, and interact positively with consumers, investors and beyond. Kristal Howard, head of corporate communications and media relations for Kroger, and Erin Lickliter, the retailer’s head of associate communications, will share takeaways from the organization’s “Restock Kroger” business plan and efforts to tell the stories from America’s largest grocer—and will show you how to effectively reach audiences while remaining on-brand.

Key Highlights:

  • How to adopt an “always on” media relations strategy to amplify messages across channels
  • Ways to deliver outstanding experiences to your stakeholders—no matter who they are
  • Tips for working with other departments through an integrated communications strategy to achieve a consistent tone
  • How to select and nurture your brand’s voice—whether you’re launching efforts, refreshing your organization’s image or increasing brand visibility
  • Ways to tailor content to the intended audience while keeping your organization’s voice front and center
  • Erin Lickliter
    Head of associate communications and engagement
  • Kristal Howard
    Head of Corporate Communications and Media Relations