No Tech, No Time, No Tools: Communicate with a dispersed and non-wired workforce

We often rely on technology to reach our workforce; what happens when employees work across the globe, and may not have consistent tech access? Kimberly Trubiro, manufacturing communications manager at Cummins Inc., will share the best practices and business processes that have changed the way her FORTUNE 200 company talks with its 20,000 non-wired global employees. This is much more than an old-fashioned poster campaign. All communicators can use these lessons in to ramp up their internal communications.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to find your communications sweet spot: Gather feedback to identify the best communication tools for your workforce
  • Why key performance indicators are important for your business and what role communication plays in KPIs
  • Why focusing on tactics, not on change management, hinders your success
  • How to get large-scale change regardless of the size of your team
  • How to develop a playbook that empowers managers throughout your organization to improve their communications
  • Kimberly Trubiro
    Corporate Communications Manager
    Cummins Inc.