New Approaches to Mental Health Benefits: Tools and Initiatives That Are Working Now

Employers are investing more time and money in improving employees’ mental well-being. Here’s a primer on the elements of good mental health support in the workplace, and how to help employees with stress, burnout and fatigue.

You’ll learn:

  • The elements of a comprehensive mental-health wellness program
  • Case studies in proven mental-health programming
  • Practical methods for offering mental-health services in the workplace
  • The increasing role of artificial intelligence in personalization of mental-health services
  • How to effectively reach at-risk workers and why their improved mental health makes for a better workplace
  • How employee assistance programs should be revised to accommodate new benefits and well-being programs
  • Patricia Flynn
    Assistant Vice President, Employee Wellness
    Northwell Health
  • Amy Athey
    Chief Wellness Officer
    University of Arizona