Measure Social Media Success: Crack the code to ROI on any social platform

How valuable would it be to learn the latest methods for measuring success on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and more? Join for new KPIs and tips you can use to transform social media data into actionable insights. You’ll learn how to design social media programs that move the needle on any channel in this webinar with McDonald’s director of global social media intelligence, Jolanta Oliver.

It’s almost impossible these days to find a business without a social media presence. No matter what sector you are in, your customers spend significant time on social media, and knowing how to reach them is essential.

Evaluating social media performance can be tricky, though, especially in this era of “fake news.” Learn how to unlock the business value of social media and track social metrics that really matter from McDonald’s director of global social media intelligence, Jolanta Oliver.

You’ll learn:

  • The most useful and efficient social media monitoring tools that will enhance your following while saving you time
  • How to turn data from social conversations into meaningful insights
  • The latest challenges and trends in social media monitoring
  • How to convert fans into customers’and prove ROI across your social platforms
  • How McDonald’s monitors activity from more than 75 million fans and how you can learn from its success
  • Jolanta Oliver
    director of global social media intelligence