Living Up to Our Commitments: The Evolution of ESG and DE&I

The last decade has introduced a swathe of pledges around the climate, diversity and more. But have corporations followed through with their promises or was it all hot air? This session will offer strategies that communications leaders have used to affect change from the inside, including how to hold feet to the fire and mitigate risk when companies have fallen short on their commitments. You’ll learn about:

  • The politicization of ESG: How to tread carefully to avoid investor backlash and public demonization — on both sides of the ESG equation.
  • Setting smart DE&I goals: Why setting measurable, attainable goals will result in strategic change and make your company a player to watch — and how to do it.
  • Purpose-driven CSR: How campaigns can build employee pride and strengthen your employer brand internally and externally.
  • What’s Next: The emergence of social impact teams, how Gen Z will continue to call for change, and how data can help keep orgs committed and accountable.
  • Emily Graham
    Chief Equity & Impact Officer
  • Alicia C. Aebersold
    Chief Communications Officer
    American Psychological Association
  • Sarah Wright Plaster
    Senior Director, Change Management and ESG Communications
  • Sean Greenwood
    Grand Poobah of PR
    Ben & Jerry’s