Launch day isn’t the beginning … or the end: Practical tips to make sure you’re prepared

Jan. 9, 2017: That was the new intranet’s go-live day. UPMC didn’t just upgrade the technology; it completely overhauled the information architecture. It personalized content for the first time and rewrote the rules of ownership and governance. Employees were in for a big change, but in health care, launch week isn’t an acceptable excuse for not being able to find the information staffers need. Follow UPMC’s journey to see how long a launch really lasts and how you can prepare your team for the long haul. Get tips about who to make friends with, how to predict the unexpected and how to take care of your staff, internal clients and project team during this crazy time.

Key Highlights:

  • Actionable tips for what you can do before launch day to prepare your team for the expected—and the unexpected
  • The No.1 department you should involve in your launch planning
  • Launch week recommendations to make sure your team stays positive and rested
  • How to distinguish frustrations that are a result of change from real staff feedback you should act on
  • Karissa Quinlan
    Senior Manager of Internal Communications