Kindness in the Workplace: Encouraging Belonging at Work Through Acts of Kindness and Mental Health Support

Conversations around belonging in the workplace have taken center stage as many companies implement return-to-office plans and employees transition to in-person interactions over the virtual normal of the past two years. With the topic of talent retention and the Great Resignation in the background, job seekers and employers should be reevaluating what an inclusive, kind workplace means to them and how they can be a part of positive change to support employee mental health at work. Armed with findings from a joint survey of 1,200 young workers ages 18-29 exploring kindness and mental health priorities in the workplace, presenters will share data points including:

  • 77% of respondents were more likely to apply for a job posting that listed ‘kindness’ as an important value of the company.
  • 89% of young workers see mental health and kindness as high priorities in the workplace.
  • 32% of employees work in environments where paid personal or mental health days are provided.
  • Only half of the young people surveyed reported having health insurance that covers mental health care.