Inside the newsroom: Pitching tips and tricks to stake your media coverage claim

In a world where news cycles change by the minute, cutting through the chatter to get your story told requires thinking outside the box. For PR pros, that means packaging a message that tells a compelling story to catch journalists’ attention. As AAA’s national spokesperson as well as a former journalist, Tamra Johnson knows her way around a newsroom. To succeed in the hectic world of media relations, she’ll show you how to live by a simple philosophy: Act like a PR pro, but think like a journalist. The secret to success lies in the art of the pitch.

Key Highlights:

  • The components of outstanding pitches that can create storytelling gold
  • How to give reporters what they want, when they want it
  • Ways to tailor your pitches to ensure relevance and timeliness
  • Tips to enhance relationships and boost pitching success
  • The best methods to connect with reporters
  • Tamra Johnson
    Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs
    American Property Casualty Insurance Association