Image Is Everything Case Study: The PIO and Public Affairs Rebranding Guide

Over 75% of companies have rebranded since the onset of the pandemic—many looking for a more approachable and authentic image. But rebranding is also a sound strategy nonprofits, government agencies and civil service organizations seeking to rectify branding inconsistencies, remedy outdated logos or reconnect with stakeholders in new ways. In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • Benefits of rebranding—for corporations and civil service alike
  • Engagement: Your role in rebranding, including how to convince execs
    and involve your frontline employees in the process
  • Design drivers and how to identify important rebranding elements
  • What should be in a communications plan to support design development
  • Rollout FAQ: How to deploy a stealth rebrand launch
  • Scott Thomsen
    Past President
    National Association of Government Communicators