I Belong: Creating Engagement out of Apathy via Internal Social Media

The larger an organization gets, the harder it must work to connect with employees. With nearly 40,000 employees around the globe, Cigna has faced challenges in keeping co-workers connected, just like every other large organization. Over the past few years, it has put a lot of work and intention into internal social channels. By giving employees a voice and providing a reason to check in, Cigna has created a culture of community and support that translates into taking better care of its external customers.

Key Highlights:

  • Decide what types of content to place on your internal social channels based on employee needs
  • Jump-start engagement when little to no interaction is going on.
  • Balance the push from leadership to use a successful channel against the need for a space where employees drive conversations
  • Integrate cross-platform messages to yield a broader effect
  • Accept when you’ve screwed something up—then make a plan to fix it
  • Andrew Jayne
    Internal communications manager