HR Grand Slam: Energize Your Workforce with Values, Authenticity and Impact

Formality is out and humanity is in when igniting and building a strong internal culture. Execs are now challenged to reimagine their communications style using authenticity, honesty and empathy—as well as aligning employee and organizational values. Join Katherine Cheng, vice president of culture and DEI for the Seattle Mariners, as she shares how to make a difference for your employees, your execs and your stakeholder communities. You’ll hear:

  • Why social impact matters as companies navigate return to office (RTO) policies.
  • Cultivating your “fan base”: Examples and ideas for building a global, local and employee community around values.
  • Baseball, belonging and the bottom line: What DEI and cultural outreach looks like at the Mariners—plus how to foster inclusivity beyond heritage months.
  • Storytelling matters: Lessons from the “Our Stories Are Your Stories” documentary series celebrating the AANHPI community.
  • Workforce trends to watch: How to prepare your teams for what’s next (including how to deal with social impact, DEI and cultural clawbacks in the coming election year).
  • Katherine Cheng
    Vice President of People, Culture and DEI
    Seattle Mariners