Revive and Reignite Your Social Media Strategy—How to Come Back Stronger

Bounce back and kick engagement into high gear by adapting your social media strategy to today’s reality. Hear how the American Diabetes Association (ADA) did just that by reimagining its social media processes, principles and platforms during the pandemic. You’ll learn:

  • Pivot: How a national organization’s communications team reimagined its
    entire social media strategy and content plan on the fly
  • Purpose: How to align values and value with every post or campaign
  • Pixels: How video propelled ADA’s social media engagement—plus low-cost
    storytelling tips you can apply to your own channels
  • Platforms: How the ADA experimented with new apps, post frequency and messaging
  • Proof: What the data said about what worked—and what’s next

  • Sabrena Pringle
    Director of External Communications & Public Relations
    American Diabetes Association
  • Brian Pittman
    Virtual Events Producer and Moderator
    Ragan Communications