How to Reach Your Communications Goals Even With a Small Team and Limited Budget

Have you ever found yourself thinking that you could do so much more with your communications strategy if you just had more time, more people, more budget? You’re certainly not alone—a lack of resources is one of the most common challenges faced by internal communicators, especially due to the economic burdens caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

How can you continue to make strides despite those hurdles? Kelly Fitzgerald, manager of employee engagement and communication at Related Companies, has years of experience doing more with less. She’ll show you tips and tools you can use to maximize your internal communications impact even with limited means.

Learn how to:

  • Think on your feet and adapt your strategies when you’re faced with a big project, a small team and a limited (or nonexistent) budget
  • Use cost-effective and free tools and resources to develop and track dynamic, engaging messaging
  • Harness the power of content to further your impact, so it can be where you can’t

  • Kelly Fitzgerald
    Manager, Employee Engagement and Communication
    Related Companies