How to Link Your Communication to Organizational Strategy

To develop an effective communication strategy, organizations should begin by linking communication to the strategic plan, including the organization’s mission, vision and values; its strategic goals and objectives; and its corporate brand. In this session, we will:

  • Discuss how effective communications improves processes and procedures and ultimately creates greater efficiencies and can reduce costs
  • Share effective top-down strategies with senior management setting the tone for a cascading series of messages
  • Determine the budgets necessary to use various types of communication modalities
  • Develop a method for generating feedback and using that to shape follow-up messages
  • Create a customized delivery approach with communication materials that are easy to understand
  • Identify a manner to collect qualitative and quantitative data to evaluate the efforts
  • Emily Lynch
    Director Global Employee Communications
  • Molly Gutterud
    VP, University Communications and Advancement
    Northcentral University
  • Brandy Dawson
    SVP – Global Employee Communications