How to Gauge Employee Sentiment as You Prepare to Return to the Workplace

Your employees have been through a lot, and you’ve worked hard to provide a sense of calm and continuity during the pandemic. Now, as you prepare for the next phase, you’ll want to ask your employees if they are ready, willing and able to return—on a timeline that works for them and meets the organization’s needs.

We’ll discuss how to:

  • Gather information from your employees to determine their level of comfort with returning to the workplace.
  • Create a safety campaign to give employees a clear sense of the return-to-workplace plans.
  • Hold virtual events with leaders to communicate the plan and answer employees’ questions.
  • Develop and communicate your re-exit plan so employees if a new surge occurs
  • Perform pulse surveys to monitor employee sentiment throughout the return process.
  • Ensure employees understand the timeline so they can prepare childcare, secure commuting plans and make other preparations.
  • Rachel Pearce
    Head of Employee Communications and Customer Service