How to Find and Tell More Effective Stories

Do you write for your organization’s publication, e-newsletter or blog? This session will help you use a journalistic approach in your storytelling. We’ll discuss how to conceive and tell stories for both print and digital mediums. Session participants will come way with tips on interviewing and reporting to bring topics to life, and they’ll learn ways to craft leads, write more clearly, use quotes and structure stories to help entice readers. Duke University uses storytelling to create personal connections with its 36,000 employees. We’ll look at some examples from Duke’s award-winning print and online publication, Working@Duke.

Key Highlights:

  • How to conceptualize and frame a story
  • How interviews can lead to rich detail, placing readers inside stories
  • How to use data to ground a story contextually
  • Why sharing stories across multiple platforms, including social media, is important in an overall approach
  • Leanora Minai
    Executive director, communications
    Duke University