How to Engage Your Audience Using Paid Social

Sometimes the best way to tell your brand story is to promote your campaigns alongside larger newsy topics, trends and conversations as they unfold. In this session, we’ll look at why organic reach may be harder to come by these days to understand how strategically targeted paid social campaigns position your brand at the center of appropriate conversations to help you reach the prospects and customers who matter most.

You’ll learn:

  • Where paid social fits into your larger sales funnel and conversation strategy
  • Tips for defining your budget, target audience and campaign length — including suggestions for coupling
    targeted databases with your paid strategies for greater engagement
  • New trends and opportunities to be aware of on TikTok (average user is now 37+), Facebook and Instagram
  • Best practices for composing platform-tested ad copy and visuals that drive conversions
  • How to move beyond starter tactics on paid social like boosting posts and refine your strategy
  • What’s next: Pending algorithm changes and what to expect from the future of paid social
  • Michael J. Lamp
    Chief Digital & Social Officer