How AI Is Reshaping Social: Balancing Prompts, Personalization and Privacy

Social media managers struggle to produce more personalized and engaging content at a faster pace. The good news is that AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney and Dall•E can help you swiftly craft tailored content, optimize user experiences and boost conversions like never before. Learn how others are creating eye-catching images and posts at scale that resonate with the preferences and behaviors of their followers. You’ll cover:

  • Strategy: How AI can help you analyze user data like demographics, interests and past interactions so you can create detailed user profiles and personalized content
  • Posts: How to use ChatGPT to craft posts matching the tone and interests of followers
  • Visuals: How to use Dall•E and Midjourney to automatically create visuals based on user preferences, allowing for personalized graphics and even 3D videos
  • Optimization: How AI algorithms analyze user responses, engagement rates and conversions so you can make adjustments in real-time
  • Bonus: Legal, privacy and ethical implications surrounding AI-driven content personalization — and how to navigate them
  • Geoff Gates
    Creative Director, Social Strategy and Content
    Boathouse (formerly with the Lakers)
  • Chris Gee
    CEO and Founder
    Chris Gee Consulting
  • Adeta Gayah
    Director of social media strategy
    Visit Orlando
  • John Yembrick
    Director of Digital Communications
    Lockheed Martin