Hack Facebook’s New Algorithm Changes: How to survive the ‘Algorithm Apocalypse’ with new tricks and strategies

Facebook isn’t going to let communicators and marketers build their businesses for free without investing in Facebook ads. That’s why creating more highly-shareable content and engaging directly with every person who comments, likes or engages with your page are the keys to conquering Facebook’s algorithm change. Join us to fully understand the Facebook algorithm and how you can hack Facebook to get more engagement in 2018.

You’ll learn: Facebook’s four algorithm factors—and how they’ve changed (inventory, signals, predictions and overall score) How to adjust your Facebook formula: Steps brands must take now to hack Facebook’s signals factor with story-driven content Types of content your audience will love—how to dramatically boost active interactions with live video, influencer posts and more How to build and activate an engaged community using Facebook Groups The truth about paid versus organic Facebook content—and where to invest Real-world examples of what works and what doesn’t

  • Carlos Gil
    Affiliate consultant
    Ragan Consulting Group
  • Caitlin Angeloff
    Social strategy director
    Providence St. Joseph Health