Futureproof Your Brand: How to Maximize SEO During COVID-19

With declining consumer sales and slashed PR, marketing and social media budgets, communicators must brace their organizations and clients for the pandemic’s economic downturn. Now is the time to invest in search engine optimization, which can bolster your brand for the future by driving leads, increasing visibility and helping you meet KPIs. Renee Spurlin, SVP of Digital Marketing and Analytics for ARPR, will share what data can tell you about your audiences, your organization and ways you can respond, along with how to boost your SEO game and prepare for the “new normal” of consumer purchasing behaviors.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to gather and interpret analytics that helps you get ahead of changing consumer preferences to drive digital marketing traffic, sales and more
  • Best practices for link building as well as defining and using relevant keywords and key phrases
  • Why you should invest in content—and how to measure the effectiveness of your content, emails and more
  • What to look for in your data that can help you create strategies on the fly and identify when a pivot when necessary
  • Renee Spurlin
    Senior Vice President of Analytics and Digital Marketing