Future-Ready Mindset: Where Digital Meets Personal

Everyone gets excited about new trends and technologies, but successful adoption requires a culture that enables and supports change. It also requires an understanding that even in a digital world, your key stakeholders — internal and external — crave that personal, human connection. In this session, Brian Fanzo, founder and CEO of iSocialFanz, shows you the path by spotlighting the tools and tactics you need to bring your organization into the cutting-edge future. You’ll leave this inspiring, informative keynote armed with:

  • Examples and scenarios where technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), deep learning and digital tokens are being leveraged to provide personalized virtual experiences
  • The 3 Ts required to create synergy between our need to humanize and personalize our business while also innovating and leveraging technology and social media
  • A game plan to study and track the emotional storytelling methods being used today while creating a strategy that leverages “virtual emotions” using the innovations of tomorrow
  • Brian Fanzo
    Founder and CEO
    iSocialFanz LLC