Future-Proofing Corporate Reputation: Your 2024 Crystal Ball

Reputation management in today’s 24/7 media landscape can be a complex game of whack-a-mole with comms pros expected to stay one step ahead of an ever-growing list of potential crises. We gathered experts on data, social media and corporate reputation to share their predictions about what’s to come in the first election year post-pandemic and in the throes of an AI resurgence. You’ll hear strategies for protecting your brand for what’s to come, including:

  • How to prepare for the AI threat: Audio and visual deepfakes, fake accounts artificially inflating popularity, biased AI algorithms creating a social media echo chamber and more.
  • Generational demands: Why and how speaking directly to a social-media savvy Gen Z is a critical key to protecting your corporate reputation.
  • Geopolitical risks: What to consider when operating internationally, from the continued global conflict in Ukraine to the many challenges of operating in China.
  • What’s next: The steps you can take now to mitigate mis/disinformation on social media including reputation-damaging deepfakes and defending against online mobs.
  • Allison Carter
    Executive Editor
    Ragan Communications and PR Daily
  • Jennifer Riedinger
    Senior Vice President
  • Linda Thomas Brooks
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Lisa Kaplan