From Wordsmith to Speaking Coach: How to make yourself more valuable

You’ve spent hours working on the big speech. But as the boss hits the stage, you shrink back from his or her stumbling, uninspired delivery. This session will provide fundamentals on how to improve delivery, enhance staging, and ensure her or his slides are top notch. It won’t turn you into a speech coach overnight, but it will provide practical tips to move your speaker from good to great.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is a stage triangle and ways your speaker use it to create a closer relationship with the audience
  • When your speaker should use a power pose and resting pose while delivering your speech
  • Why are TED talks staged so powerfully and what can we learn from them
  • How the “Dole Stroll” forever change the relationship between speakers and audiences
  • The 5 tips to transform your slides into images that move an audience to action
  • Rosemary King
    Communications professional