From unconscious bias to conscious communications: How and why you should use your role to foster inclusion and combat harmful stigmas

Diversity, inclusion and belonging are NOT “just an HR thing.” We are in a time that requires internal stakeholders at all levels to recognize the seriousness and impact of our words on how welcome and included our employees feel, especially during a crisis that could invite stimgas and xenophobia.

Kim Clark, experienced diversity and inclusion communications expert, will help us tackle our own unconscious biases, acknowledge areas where bias exists and help us see that we are well positioned to be more intentionally inclusive—which in turn helps our organizations lower unwanted attrition, be more innovative and increase employee engagement.

You’ll learn:

  • What unconscious bias is, how it shows up and the impact it has
  • How to partner with HR, employee resource groups, executives and people managers to improve the impact of company-sponsored and grassroots efforts
  • How to help managers design their teams for belonging
  • How to be and how to teach others to be a conscious communicator
  • Why inclusion efforts must continue to be a priority even in times of crises

  • Kim Clark
    Affiliate Consultant
    Ragan Consulting Group