Executive Communications that Acknowledge, Align and Assure

According to Ragan’s Salary & Workplace Culture Survey, employees rank organizational mission and values as the top reasons to work at a company. That’s why it’s crucial that those values are expressed, demonstrated and illuminated in your executive communications. In this session, you’ll hear how communicators are working with their executives to craft messages that acknowledge the needs of the business and align with their organization’s values. You’ll discover:

  • Strategies for following up on past developments, discussions and employee feedback in your executive messaging
  • How to craft messages that strike a balance between communicating what employees want to hear with what the organization needs to share
  • Tips for ghostwriting and composing messaging on behalf of your leadership
  • How to tailor your communication strategy to fit best practices, while capitalizing on your executive’s authentic presence
  • Jolie Shifflet
    Senior Director of Business Communications
    Atrium Health
  • Rachel Gogal
    Director of Executive Communications
    Atrium Health