Engage Your People Leaders from the Start: Train Managers to communicate with Clarity, Frequency, Accuracy—And Empathy

Managers are your No. 1 communications channel but are often an afterthought. More than 90% of employees think their managers lack the necessary communication skills, according to a study in Inc.  In this session, we’ll help you prep people leaders to communicate organizational change, strategic initiatives and combat misinformation. DeNesha Tellis, RCG’s manager communications expert, will share ways communicators can raise the communications skills of managers and work them into their strategic planning process:

  • Create specific communications expectations for managers when rolling out new initiatives or change.
  • Provide documentation with all new comms including FAQs, resource links and suggested talking points.
  • Create a digital “one-stop-shop” for people leaders to find communications best practices, news updates, tips sheets for how to lead a team meeting and more.
  • Establish a feedback loop so managers can share employee reactions and concerns back up the ladder.
  • DeNesha Tellis
    Affiliate Consultant
    Ragan Consulting Group