Empower Customers to Tell Your Best Stories with Video

What would your customers say about your organization if you drove to their homes? You might be surprised. Find out how a communicator from the nation’s largest chemical producer went on a 2,000-mile #DirtRoadTour with a farm blogger and video camera that resulted in the most successful campaign in global BASF history. The effort garnered 9.2 million organic impressions and more than 152K customer conversations. Whether you have a shoestring budget or a pot of gold, you can create an authentic conversation with your customers through video. Donnarie Hales from BASF will uncover storytelling insights and show you how to find the path to consumers’ hearts.

Key Highlights:

  • Let your customers be the star of the show—and become authentic brand advocates in the process
  • Engage with audiences through video, live streaming and social platforms
  • Adjust your social media strategy to gain a competitive advantage
  • Spread corporate messages while being relatable
  • Be opportunistic in your social media strategy planning
  • Donnarie Hales
    Communications manager/product manager for diversified crops
    BASF Ag Products