Earning Trust in a Time of Crisis and Misinformation

Having written for the highest office in the country, these speechwriters have unparalleled expertise tackling crises, overcoming the obstacles posed by the quick spread of misinformation, and keeping trust and morale high during times of change and hardship.

Hear their inspiring stories from the White House and gain valuable insights on how speechwriters and communicators can help leaders navigate the current public health crisis.

  • Katye Riselli
    Former First Lady Laura Bush
  • Sarada Peri
    Senior speechwriter
    Former President Barack Obama
  • Chris Michel
    former President George W. Bush
  • Stephen Krupin
    Senior speechwriter for former President Barack Obama
  • John Pollack
    Speechwriter for former President Bill Clinton
  • Noam Neusner
    Speechwriter for former President George W. Bush