Do Less, God Bless: 4 Solutions to Create Better Content without Burnout

Producing a steady stream of copy and content can be exhausting. So how do you keep up and deliver at a higher level without burning out or missing a deadline? Answer: Throw out the traditional rules of content marketing and spend more time focused on quality. Hear how it’s done firsthand from two leading content strategists. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Solution 1: Maximize the 80/20 rule – Spend less time on content creation and more
    on quality of distribution to connect more effectively with your audiences
  • Solution 2: Do less, God bless – Elevate your brand with a smarter content strategy that won’t turn you into a content pump
  • Solution 3: Solve “Orphan Annie Syndrome” – Build campaigns around marquis content
  • Solution 4: The ripple effect – Increase ROI by white labeling for customer journeys and engaging influential leaders
  • Bonus: How to write faster to streamline content creation (hint: write it like you say it)
  • Michael Rothman
    Senior Editor and Content Strategist
    TD Bank
  • Samantha Rideout
    Marketing Director
    Pharmaceutical Strategies Group