Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Certificate Course for Communicators – Week 2

Add a DE&I Lens to Your Communications

With the building blocks of DE&I at hand, we’ll dive into the crucial next steps: how and when to infuse a DE&I lens into your communications strategy. You’ll learn how you can leverage the power of effective communication to drive positive change and foster a more inclusive environment throughout your organization. In this module:

  • Inclusive Storytelling: Crafting narratives that celebrate diversity and promote equity.
  • Language and Representation: Choosing inclusive words and visuals for maximum impact.
  • Substance, not Performance: How to identify performative communication and refocus into an event that will have an impact on the organization.
  • Strategies to acknowledge and act: Identifying the decision tree of engagement around cultural moments and social justice issues.
  • Tapping DE&I champions: How to partner with HR, Employee Resource Groups and crucial leadership.
  • Dismantling Barriers: Develop strategies to overcome communication barriers with those who identify as different or other.
  • Powerful Inclusive Messaging: Apply your knowledge of diversity, equity and inclusion to create more effective messaging for your audience.
  • Christina Frantom
    International Communications Lead
    Mercedes-Benz U.S. International
  • Teresa Cribelli
    DEI and Historical Consultant
  • Bill Hicks
    Associate Education Director